If you're reading this, then I already like you for wanting to come over and check me out. 

New news: WeAreThe15Percent has received and incredible amount of love and support. Thanks to everyone who has shared and smiled with us!

More about me:

I'm on the editorial operations team at WebMD, a health and wellness website. I'm also the digital editor for WebMD Magazine.

Before that, I was an associate editor at Pregnancy & Newborn, a magazine for new and expectant moms. In addition to overseeing online editorial content, my responsibilities included managing bloggers and social media platforms.  

In between slinging copy and organizing content, I am an actor for the government and travel mainly to perform. 



Degree? Yup. I have a Bachelor of Arts in English.

Experience? You betcha! Effective communication, problem solving and attention to detail have been essential to my career.

Deadlines? Certainly. I know what it's like to click send with seconds to spare as well as how it feels to submit early (both instances require enthusiastic high-fiving). 

HTML & Adobe CS? Yes. Just let me keep my cheat sheets handy!

Favorite typos? Ooh! It's fun to look up "dinning room" and "tabel" on Craigslisttypos usually mean great deals.

Married? Sho' nuff! He's a swell guy.

Children? Two! She's small and mighty. He's snuggleriffic.

Pets? Rup! Cronkite is the best.

So, let's talk soon. I'd love to get to know you, too!